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Chai Quan Yew Makes a Big Difference in the Lives of Children


“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”.- Nelson Mandela. This is the famous quote by the father of love and generosity of nation. He remained in the hearts of everyone because of his dedication to the youth.  This is a part of educating and guiding the youth towards the right path of life. This quote is also a one way of showing children on becoming better people.

Children are greater treasures of life. And that, through education, a better future awaits them. Nelson Mandela is conscious about the world that children live in. Most of these children are exploited and there is no more light seen at the end of the tunnel for them. They are tortured instead of enjoying a carefree and happy childhood.

With this quote, this enlightened the minds of people in demonstrating and making a change. One of those who are awakened is Chai Quan Yew, a twelve-year old child. He may not be capable enough in changing the world. However, his deep interest in changing the world of ten children is enough. He is such an inspiration to all because of his goal of buying them school bags and stationery.


Quan Yew understands the necessities of children. This is why he ran seven kilometers in Kuala Lumpur City Day Run on the 8th day of February 2015. This raised RM 1000 for ten children via Living Hope. This is the first ever running experience of Quan Yew.

He spent three months of rigorous training, every Tuesday morning. Although starting it was hard for his part, his determination keeps him going throughout the training. He has never given up in making a significant difference for the poors children and for himself.

This has made him the happiest runner. And that, he even enjoyed his running!

Please visit Run for Hope website for more information about training children to raise fund intended for underprivileged children.